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Our lab is consistently changing as technology evolves.
Sevenstar Emerging Technology creates curricula and design projects that are massively collaborative, inclusive, and accessible to teachers of differing skill and interest levels. We hope the equipment provided will be incorporated into the classroom. 
We work directly with teachers to design and develop activities for the students. It involves collaborating on community projects that lead to job readiness.
Image by Anas Alshanti

Equipment we use


HTC Vive Focus Plus

"A commercial-grade system designed for flexibility and portability. Scale your deployment with direct support for leading Mobile Device Management solutions and easy batch configuration. Deploy VR training and remote collaboration that meets business data privacy and IT compliance."
Quote from the Vive Business website.


Meta Quest 2

"Quest 2 is non-stop fun. The biggest titles and multiplayer games, we have them. New ways to workout, socialize or lose track of time- we have those too. And our library keeps growing every day. Discover what's possible on QUest 2."
Quote from the Oculus website.


Look at us in action!

Jesseca Deere and Heather Hale

Jesseca Deere and Heather Hale with the VIVE Focus Plus headsets in virtual reality training.

Lynsey Conner

Lynsey Conner's First time in a Meta Quest 2 headset.

Bobby Jo and Ginny Sauceda

Bobby Jo and Ginny Sauceda, two Leach teachers working with the Meta Quest 2 headsets for their VR training.

Larod Snyder

Larod Snyder, first time in a Meta Quest 2 headset.

VR experience

A large group of staff in a virtual reality experience.

Heather Hale

Heather Hale setting up the Meta Quest 2 headset for Leach school.

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