Sevenstar Spatial Lab

Our lab is equipped with the technology to do the following:
Virtual Reality
3D design and production
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Community Engagement

Our lab has been able to work with key community members and organizations to bring VR to our area communities with hopes of growing more in the future.


The Sevenstar Spatial Network is both a hardware system and a specifically American Indian immersive learning program based on Indigenous Knowledge Systems  We use spatial computing technology to engage American Indian youth and Community leaders in collaborative native science learning that enhances science engagement as well as empowering the Community itself.

chief at camp.jpg

Cherokee Nation Deputy Principal Chief Bryan Warner, left, and Principal Chief Chuck Hoskin Jr., right, listen to a presentation about Camp Sevenstar.

“A smart rural community relies on broadband networks to enable a series of applications  that the community can leverage for innovative economic development and commerce,  top‐notch education, first‐rate health care, cutting‐edge government services, enhanced  security and more efficient utilities use." 
"Rural areas are often far away from the types of resources that are available in urban areas.  Schools, health care providers, public safety institutions and commercial entities, however,  can be positioned to reap the benefits of a smart rural community.  The economic and societal gains enabled by broadband allow for rural  service providers and the communities they serve to embrace the challenges and  opportunities of new technology.”
                                                                                                                        - Pam Iron, AIRC director
Sevenstar Spatial Network creates curricula and design projects that are massively collaborative, inclusive, and accessible to students and teachers of differing skill and interest levels. 
We work directly with teachers and students to design and develop activities that involve collaborating on real world community projects that lead to job readiness.

Sevenstar staff operates with the capability of meeting virtually, and is available to each to each of our partner schools and organizations.