Who are we and what do we about?


Sevenstar Spatial Network creates curricula and design projects that are massively collaborative, inclusive, and accessible to students and teachers of differing skill and interest levels.  We work directly with teachers and students to design and develop activities that involve collaborating on real world community projects that lead to job readiness.

We offer the following:

  • Game Content Creation

  • Virtual Reality experience

  • Multimedia content creation


The Sevenstar Spatial Lab offers experience working with the latest technologies through its custom-built VR arcade quality gaming and content-creation equipment. The Lab is connected by dedicated, lagless fiber optic internet, Esports grade ethernet and 5G wifi serving all buildings, lounges, dormitories, cabins and dining facilities around the AIRC Camp Sevenstar.

In addition we offer:

  • On-site instruction for educators, Kindergarten-Graduate level programs.

  • Onsite customized workshops for student teachers to develop culturally focused STREAM instruction


We aim to provide the training and equipment for youth to further their technological goals. Educators, mentors, and community leaders help our goal of communtiy engagement.

The Sevenstar Experiential Learning Center is an onsite facility and with trained staff to offer structured emerging technology activities.  Through the creation of an emerging tech maker space, students of all ages can become experts in emerging technologies and create cutting edge curriculum content.
Parents, teachers and community members will learn to support students through home and community-based education. For 30 weeks out of the year, a total of 3,000 native students in grades K-12 will experience the power of virtual reality.
Our program will allow K-4th grade Native students access to virtual field trips and other curriculum in basic Oculus Go headsets. Fifth through 8th grade will become expert users in Oculus Quest headsets and begin to use 3D scanning technologies to archive Native artifacts using depth cameras.
High school students will learn about user experience through studying the younger students’ virtual reality usage. With training in behavioral science methods and coding, students will also begin to create original content in virtual reality using Oculus Rifts. Teachers, parents and community members will participate in the camps by learning from the students and participating in various Native community focused projects, such as the archiving of Native American artifacts and practices.