Sevenstar Spatial Lab

Indigenous Spatial Computing

Located in eastern Oklahoma in the heart of Cherokee Nation, Camp Sevenstar is connected to Lake Tenkiller, one of the state’s most scenic lakes.


With water access, campers can expect to enjoy all nature has to offer while learning!

The onsite Sevenstar Spatial Media Lab offers campers experience in working with the latest technology through its custom-built content-creation equipment and VR arcade quality gaming.

The Lab is connected by dedicated, lagless fiber internet, Esports-grade ethernet and 5G wifi systems.



Experience Spatial Computing

The Sevenstar Spatial Network is a server-based network of industry-standard emerging technology work centers situated directly within schools and homes throughout the Cherokee Nation reservation. 


The Network is equipped and staffed to offer virtual reality and advanced scanning and rendering technologies to collaborative groups situated directly within Northeastern Oklahoma homes and communities as well as within community schools.


We partner with industry experts to connect job readiness initiatives to virtual training for specialized skills needed by key regional and global employers.


Lots of fun at Camp Sevenstar with cultural and STREAM activities!

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.